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Mandate and Function

The principal activity/mission/ mandate of the Municipality of Hola is to:

  1. Provide efficient and accountable management and regulating the affairs of the Municipality’
  2. Provide a governance mechanism that will enable the inhabitants of the municipal to:
  3. i) Participate in determining the social services and expectations and regulatory framework which will best satisfy their needs.
  4. ii) Verify whether public resources and authority are utilized or exercised as the case may be to their satisfaction.

iii) Enjoy efficiency in service delivery.

  1. Vigorously pursue the development opportunities available to the municipality and provisions of civic amenities so as to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants of the municipality of Hola.
  2. Provide a high standard of social services in a cost-effective manner to the inhabitants of Municipality of Hola.
  3. Provide social cohesiveness and a sense of civic duty and responsibility among the inhabitants and stakeholders in the municipality in order to facilitate collective action and commitment towards achieving the goal of a harmonious and stable community.
  4. Provide services, laws and other matters for the benefits of municipal inhabitants.
  5. Fostering the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Municipal inhabitants.
  1. Promoting, regulations and provisions of refuse collection and solid waste management services.
  2. Construction and maintenance of storm drainage and flood controls
  3. Construction and maintenance of walkways and other non-motorized transport infrastructure
  4. Construction and maintenance of recreational parks and green spaces
  5. Construction and maintenance of street lighting
  6. Construction, maintenance and regulation of traffic controls and parking facilities
  7. Construction and maintenance of bus stands and taxi stands
  8. Construction and maintenance of fire stations, provisions of firefighting services, emergency preparedness and disaster management
  9. Promotion, regulation and provision of animal control and welfare and
  10. Municipal administration services (including construction and maintenance of administrative offices) 
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